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How to put binding on a hexagon quilt

It is quite different from modern paper piecing and is a method done by hand, not machine. Download 52 Free Foundation Paper Pieced 6” Scrappy Triangles. For an experienced quilter, putting together your quilt sandwich is just all part of the process, but I can tell you that even experienced quilters can occasionally learn something new. Hi there! I’m Erin from Avery Lane Sewing and I’m back today to share this cute and modern Holiday Hexagon Placemat project, which utilizes an easy-to-do hexagon appliqué technique. This quilt has been used, although not excessively, but the edges are coming open. Fussy Cut Fabric To Put This Beautiful Bird On Display. Sew the binding together into a continuous strip and press in half. I’m calling this the “Hexing Around” block. You'll love the step-by-step explanation of this tutorial on how to bind a quilt. The calculator provides: The total length of the binding (the perimeter of the quilt). Then the next and put it back. I like to only pin about 8 hexagons at a time. Craftybear My name is Karen and I live in Indiana, USA. There are lots of good books that you can purchase. 1. Now I might just have to get them out and try it again. When you finish the last seam of the binding only an angle seam will work to reduce the bulk of this seam. My little guy stands next to me as I stitch and he pulls the clips off. Step 3: Lay your quilt out flat on the ground so that the back of the quilt is facing up (the zig zag part should be facing down). This is more of a wip. Easy food and a glass of rosè was perfect ending of this day. My quilt finished at approximately 30 inch * 45 inch. If you’re looking for Sarah Jane fabrics they are still available at Fat Quarter Shop and Poppy Seed Fabrics. Wondering how to finish the edge of your hexagon quilts? Stitched by hand or by machine, the quilts made out of hexagons, with all those zig zag edges, need finishing (with or without binding) like any other quilt. Welcome to Finished or Not Friday where you can share your finished {or not} projects! My Finish is a lap size giant daisy hexi quilt, made as a graduation gift for a young lady whom I babysat when she was kindergarten age! It's a happy quilt for a lovely, happy lady! Each of these hexagons was made by hand with the english paper method. I wish your series had come along a year earlier. Amber's Sunshine Hexagon Quilt orange pinstripe print for the binding and cut my strips on the bias to make sure I could work my way around the hexagon points. I have so much leftover fabric pieces I thought I would make another baby quilt out of them and put the cars on the back of it instead. First though before we talk about binding we need to add some ties to the place-mat so that it can be rolled up and ready to go on a Add the strips as you did for the full blocks. My binding actually comes out at about 3/8" wide instead of 1/4" wide (because the walking foot is wider than my 1/4" foot) so I pivot at 3/8" at the corners instead of 1/4". Thanks again for such useful info. Whilst i’ve started putting them together (150 so far) i would like to know how do you quilt them once you’ve put the hexies together. Haley Pierson-Cox from Red-Handled Scissors is a maker of crafts, a lover of cats, an avid swearing enthusiast, and a Hi friends! Nicole here from Modern Handcraft today with a quilt tutorial that is extra cozy: The Hexagon Snuggle Quilt. 00 each. This tutorial represents just one way of how to machine piece hexagons; a process that worked best for me, however I encourage you to make changes to suit your own needs and for your own sewing enjoyment. I guess I shouldn't say I don't measure at all. But I'm glad we've crossed that bridge. had to step out of my box . From the beginning, through process to the final look. ) 2 plain pieces of matching cotton fabric 10" x 14" each- for the envelope backing Continuous quilt binding (for this, mine is cut 2" wide and about 68" long, pressed in half lengthwise) Binding tips can be found here. Next, press the binding in half, down towards the quilt and use those wonderful Clover clips to keep it in place. I've had a few enquiries about my Curio Jelly Roll Hexagon quilt, so I've decided to post a tutorial on how I made the quilt. I sew one row and put it back on the layout. You'll love  2 Oct 2016 This sample has machine quilting one quarter inch away from the piecing lines. When sashing strips are added to the quilt top, the side and corner triangle sizes are different than quilts without sashing. Hello everyone, I have finally got my tutorial together for my quilt as you go hexagon table runner. September 21, 2012 at 4:15 AM Of course, you may take longer to collect leftover binding pieces than I do. She was inspired by the quilter, Albert Small, who made quilts with thousands of hexagons. Sew one to each side of the quilt center. Self-binding is a quick and easy way to bind small quilting projects. Here are the steps that I follow when binding my quilts: Check out these 11 Free Hexagon Quilt Patterns for inspiring and intriguing quilted projects featuring angular hexagon shapes. Finished Hexagon Quilt with extra wide binding. Not a quick quilt, this will be another slow burner. The folded edge of the binding strip should just cover the stitches visible on the back of the quilt. I hope you enjoy my blog. Machine binding has become a bit of a tradition between my little boy & I. At first binding can seem hard--at least it was for me when I began quilting. See some examples of his work HERE. I was forced to make it . My self-made hexagon templates are a little smaller than 1″ hexagons. The magazine is no longer available, not even as a back order. What others are saying Quilt binding is a process that some people really enjoy while others allow it to delay their quilt finishing. This is a great way to use scraps and a great quilt pattern for beginners! The block size is 19-1/2" square (finished). See each step in detail. Put a short description in the Search box. AccuQuilt welcomes the colorful and inspirational work of Canton Village Quilt Works' Jackie Kunkel. Home; Contact Me! "Tip Tuesday" Archives; Honor Flight Quilts; Gallery of Quilts- Pre-2014 Hexagon Quilt Pattern Ideas Hexagon Quilt Pattern Tutorial Timeless Traditions The Honey Flow Hexagon Patchworkhexagon Hexagon Quilt Pattern Books - co-nnect. 5. Hi there! I’m so excited today to be sharing with you the tutorial for this Large Hexagon Quilt. After that one is finished I may make a scrap hexagon quilt to use up some of the small pieces that were left over from other projects. There is a good reason for this. Soaking in the atmosphere at the Quilt Camp. ( backing, batting and feature fabric ). Press the binding on the front of the quilt, it makes a nice and crisp fold for the binding. For quilting and sewing, learn miter binding for any angle with great results. fabric for the backing. Backing/Binding fabric (11" x 12 1/2") Batting Note: The solid outline around and against the design is the finished size. More from Kati: "I had a few questions on how I did the binding for my hexagon quilt. Next, find a pattern you like and cut out pieces of fabric that will provide the colors and shapes you’ll need. When the quilting is done, we will put a binding all around the edge of the quilt to finish the edges, and stitch a label on the back so that future generations know who made this wonderful quilt. I think I bought enough to make the binding. You can buy precut hexagons from places like Lizard of Oz, or you can print your own if you have access to some quilting software like EQ5. Add your longest width (W) and length (L) measurements together. I personally have never made a mini quilt but could be up to the challenge with the right project. It took quite a lot of fiddling and calculations to work out the pattern pieces using jelly roll strips, so to save others time, here are the basic instructions and ingredients. Self binding. Once all the quilting is done, take a minute to admire! For the binding, I was able to use a fat quarter to get enough 2. Moose Country Quilting also offers binding services. Okay I’m back today with the tutorial on how to put together the hexagon mug rug like I promised :) This is a great way to use up the scraps you have laying around in your stash. Single fold binding is great for Mini Quilts and small projects. You can secure the binding on the back stitching by hand. I saw Vicki's quilt when I was visiting there in May. I could not be happier with the results! The finished quilt is about 46”x55” and makes the perfect lap quilt or picnic-for-two quilt! One of the best loved vintage quilts is the Grandmother's Flower Garden. Watch the process online for all the details. Press the seams towards the borders. For the neatest of finishes on your patchwork projects, it has to be a double-fold binding. Fold the piece of ribbon in half and slip the raw ends under one corner of the binding before completing the finish. The entire thing is paper pieced with NO y-seams. then on to the rest. Thanks for all those wonderful tips. 4. To use the calculator, specify the width of the fabric (the calculator defaults to a value of 43 inches) along with the width and length of the quilt, and the desired binding strip width. Here is our little mini practice quilt. Be sure to put the glue on the paper and keep it away from the edge where the fabric is folded over. Tips for making hexagon To avoid having to sew Y seams, I used a special half hexagon quilt ruler when I cut out my quilt. then go to the next side ,fold and fold again, pin. You are now ready to sew it onto your quilt. Tips for making hexagon quilts I've always thought hexagon quilts looked too tricky until now. I was able to whip this Halloween Quilt up very quickly using a half hexagon quilt ruler, this free Hexagon Quilt Pattern, and a bunch of Halloween fabric fat quarters. Pull the binding fabric in so that the edge of the binding lines up with the points of the hexagons that have empty spaces in between them. It was started Dec. Tutorial - Quilt As You Go Hexagons by the tute on hexagon quilt as you go, but I neglected to see the picture of the quilt on quilting board as I read every day Pages. Because quilts don't always have to be rectangles I'm not quite sure what spurred me into making this little quilt, especially after just finishing my strings quilt . I had a few questions on how I did the binding for my hexagon quilt. Since I am still a newbie I am avoiding anything too complicated. I show you all the steps! I didn’t do traditional quilt binding, so this is surprisingly simple for my beginners out there! a Quilt Sandwich). 3. I love to surf the net to find cool craft projects, recipes and all kinds of stuff. First day (evening) of Quilt Camp we spent looking through the quilt shops, meeting up with old and new friends. On the short ends, turn ¼” over twice to create a hem and stitch down. It's not a true "finish it up Friday" but I've got 6 quilts going right now in all sorts of stages. The directions for making this hexagon quilt block is here. Great quilt block and cute I like your hexagon Quilt and the colors you put in it. I just needed a break from it for awhile. This is what the back of your quilt will look like. Good Stitches, and I changed my plan for the quilt at the last minute, and the new plan requires a block tutorial … and here we are. Haley Pierson-Cox. Choose the size of hexagons you want to use. Replicate that length with string or ready prepped binding. Each hexagon is put together one half at a time and then the rows will be sewn together so that the hexagons are completed. If you love quilting with birds, stitch your ‘bird watching’ into this mug rug. You can come into The Quilt Barn to pick one up or I have put them on our web site. I didn’t want them to stand out too much in the front because I didn’t put much effort into making sure the tacks were in an even grid. To further emphasise the graduated tones I made my binding from strips of some of the fabrics I had used in the quilt, grouping the darker colours in one corner, near the darkest hexagons, and the lightest ones in the top right hand corner where there's even a creamy white hexagon star. So here is what I think is a great beginning for a new quilt. Whew! And I am warning you know, my quilting skills have taken a dive this past week or so :( LOL (so just ignore the quilting) I made three more hexagon flowers out of 4" squares. I quilted in the ditch and folded the backing to the front for the binding. October 20, 2018 by Judy. The first step: measure your quilt top. Early hexagon quilts were usually made using the English Paper Piecing method. , Is the binding equal width on the front and back, How neat are the joins and; Are the mitered corners stitched closed (I do mine by hand when I am sewing the binding to the back). It’s helpful to secure the binding before sewing it on because of the corners. Place the backing fabric, right side down. Starting away from the corner about 12”, place the angled end of your strip along the front edge of your quilt, keeping raw edges flush. ) 2 plain pieces of matching cotton fabric 10″ x 14″ each- for the envelope backing Continuous quilt binding (for this, mine is cut 2″ wide and about 68″ long, pressed in half lengthwise) Binding tips can be found here. Pin. I fear I may have to put a double-fold binding on it to ensure it doesn't fall apart. I first wrote about how I quilt my quilts on April 23, 2013. (See below for workshops 1-7 in this series of free beginners quilting workshops). I usually lay my quilt on the floor, then cut my binding strips and lay them out along the edges of my quilt until I have enough. The finished quilt essentially looks like it has quilting binding between each of the blocks, but you can use a neutral color to achieve a look that resembles regular sashing. This binding is best only for small projects because Binding a place-mat is like binding a quilt just on a smaller scale unless of course you’re into mini quilts. Make This: Grandmother’s Flower Garden Hexagon Binding Tutorial May 6, 2015 by The Cloth Parcel 8 Comments I finally got to the binding part of this Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt (see our tutorial about doing this by machine !) and realized it might be a bit tricky to do around the hexagon shapes. Sew using a ¼” seam until you are ¼” from the corner. Binding the hexagon edges. I This is my first hexagon quilt. Two measurements, two cuts and you're on your way to a great finish. So I stitched a hexagon quilt for our queen size bed, incorporating my vintage Italian coverlets, satins, silks, brocades and velvets. See more ideas about Hexagon pattern, Quilt blocks and Hexagon quilt. How to Make a Hexagon Quilt in 492 Easy Steps 1. Put fingers and thumb of left hand gripping further along length of quilt on tip of nose and measure in multiples of nose to outstretched finger grip! Remember to Count. It was almost 12" between repeats so cut it in half giving me 5 1/2" triangles (after trimming / squaring strips up). Click on the Heading to Sort. And looked at her post about the holiday mini quilt she made. We all have a method of binding that we like best and that we think is the “best” way. I joined a 52 Week Challenge group and the first week is organize your sewing space. I place a blue hexagon on top of a front-side hexagon (white) with the right sides facing. The only quilt my grandmother ever pieced was a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt right before she got married in 1934. of the best needles to hand sew binding and gave each of us one of them. Pin and quilt together. Prepare your backingand quilt as desired. The bias binding will easily follow the curve of the scallop. When you have sewn binding strips to the top and bottom of the quilt (across the width), again lay the quilt on a flat surface. I am planning a few quilt projects for this year and I LOVE these rounded corners! If you happened to be a cheapskate and wanted to use on-grain cuts for the binding to save fabric, do you think splicing some short bias sections into the binding strip just for the corners would work out ok? Reply Delete Step Four: Hand Quilting the Hexagon Quilt. Here’s some help with binding it. I have only seen that done with backing and them you have to put some kind of "cover" over the seams. If you, too, are looking for a creative, yet a quick project, try our Tablet Keeper for an iPad (shown) or other e-reader tablets. If you put "Fuse" you miss Fusible & Fusing. I only just found the quilt-along today but that binding tutorial was FABULOSO!!! I think I might just have to start a quilt so I can practice sewing binding! I'm going to go hunt and see if you posted a pic of the finished quilt top. Hexagon Hand Quilting This wonderful French General Convenience Cloth arrived so we put together a kit to get you started, Coordinated fabric for binding (not Rogue hexagon quilt - complete Finally, the rogue hexagon quilt is complete. 95 $10. Look at this darling French Braid Quilt, or Friendship Braid, I’m sorry. Here’s how to join the ends of quilt binding. You want the edge of the binding to just cover the stitch line where you attached it. Great quilt block and cute Stitching. So let’s talk about the sandwich! First, if you don’t know, a quilt sandwich is nothing more than the pieced quilt top, the batting and the backing. A facing is similar to a binding on a quilt, except that it’s turned completely to the back so there is no visual line around the edge of a quilt. On a trip to Great Britain in 2001, a visit to Powis Castle in Wales had me wondering around the castle gardens and I was literally stopped in my tracks when I saw a row of hollyhocks in full bloom. I love your idea of not putting on the backing fabric until complete. Vicki, one of the members of the Jonanco quilting group near Nanaimo made this hexagon quilt. Plus, Nancy  26 May 2009 Starting in the middle of one of the sides, sew the binding to the quilt using the edge of your presser foot (1/4″ seam allowance) as your guide. 25″ strips to go around the table runner. I am new to quilting but have some sewing experience and a serger. Start sewing the binding strip in the middle of one of the sides of the . I highly suggest Bias Binding for working around Hexagon Edges. I really liked this tutorial by badskirt on finishing your hexagon quilts , only my hexagon quilt is so large I needed to slightly adapt th. I'm using my 30's fabrics and match the colors to the "event". I wan't to try quilt as you go on my daughter's quilt but she didn't like the idea now I have a new vision thanks to you and I am ready to finish the quilt. www. You can use the sewn hexagons for all sorts of things: patches on clothes, as applique on other sewn goods, as a quilt top, as placemats, as garlands, etc. Bias binding is necessary to get a  Learn How to Bind Hexagon Quilts in this super simple tutorial. Quilt as you go Hexagon Hot Mat. Today the author of that blog, Julia Wood, posted a question from one of her readers about adding border strips to a hexagon quilt. Disclaimer: I am not an expert on hexagon quilts. Cut one end of the binding with a 45-degree angle. Here's my before pics: Quiltbug. Explore Sew and Quilt's unique selection of patchwork and quilting supplies, English Paper Pieces, Liberty fabrics, quilting patterns and kits, sewing needles,   Learn how to cut and apply traditional binding and binding for unique shapes ( curves, hexagons, and more) including effortless mitered corners. Multiply that number by 2 to get the perimeter of your quilt. Since this was made for Hawaii, I did not put in a batting. *To see a little of the history of this quilt go to the "hexies" tab at the top on the page. This fabric is printed by Spoonflower, so there is no quilt piecing needed! Just print it off, back it and quilt it! And there is no binding on this one! It should be no surprise that I follow a blog called The Hexie Blog. All of Emily’s work is done free hand. I soon found that there are many  How to Sew a Binding on a Hexagon Quilt. I put together a quick tutorial to give you tips on the corners. And I was hooked. How-To: Hexagon Quilt Border. I love how she custom quilted each hexagon. When the hexies didn't travel with me, they were in my mind. Border Yardage Calculator: Calculates the amount of fabric required to put a border around your quilt given the quilt's dimensions (width and length) and the border's width. Remember to make the focal area in the centre of the hexagon. Machine binding is a durable finish to your quilt. In order to make the quilt binding look smooth and even around the entire quilt perimeter, you will need to miter the binding at each corner. The arrow . RoseMary left a comment in which she said she had never heard of binding a quilt before the quilting is finished. I just saw one I liked and did some research on the internet and have spent many hours and made some mistakes and have a pretty good idea of how it works now. There you have - way more than you ever wanted to know about binding!!!! I love your bright and cheery hexagon quilt. Hexagon Quilt Pattern Hexagon Patchwork Japanese Patchwork Patchwork Patterns Quilt Patterns Hexagon Quilting Quilting Board Quilting Tips Quilt Binding Every Stitch: Hexagon Star. com is an quilt fabric store carrying patterns, Quilters Dream batting, books, sewing notions and quilting supplies including 100% cotton quilt material. Im finally getting around to putting some thread love into this beauty. I didn't take pictures when I did my actual hexagon quilt so I had to improvise. How to Finish Your Hexagon Quilts ~ Nice tutorial on how to finish/"bind" your hexagon quilt. Fantastic info Becky!! I have just started doing Hexies whilst travelling in the car I’m making a travel quilt with all my scraps. Don't get me wrong, they are cute and a nice hand project to have, but as you can see by the size of this project there will be no full size quilt action! Then we can layer the quilt top, the batting, and quilt backing, and get on with the actual quilting. Binding Yardage. This quilt has a peaked edge. 1 Quilted Quilt block (This tutorial uses a block that is cut to 14". The sharpness of the hexagon points was the first thing that struck me. They are only $32. It is by no means original to me, and I'm sure there are other tutorials out there that describe this technique. I have added registration markers on the template so I can position it accuracy for every cut. It has been demoted from bed quilt, to sofa quilt, to cats quilt. I will be  27 Mar 2013 Fold back so the edge of the binding runs along the edge of the quilt. With the binding strips folded outwards attach the final two bindng strips as below, aligning the top edge of the binding to be joined with the top edge of the binding that is already joined. com (or other shops on Etsy) to purchase yours. Binding a quilt can be challenging, but the task becomes easy with clear instruction. 5″ wide strip for my binding as I wanted something substantial to frame the quilt. In my book “Rainbow Quilts for Scrap Lovers”, there is a quilt called Blended Hexagons. Binding is one of the final jobs when you are finishing a quilt. Trim away excess fabric, then press the long strip in half lengthwise. I am no expert on dating fabric, but I think I can tell you one thing about this quilt -- I'm pretty sure it was paper pieced. Hexagon Quilt Pattern Hexagon Patchwork Japanese Patchwork Patchwork Patterns Quilt Patterns Hexagon Quilting Quilting Board Quilting Tips Quilt Binding approx 62 inches by 56 inches I was expecting all the EPP seams on the half inch hexagons to be ha. Hope you all had a great weekend, or a Position the template over the design you wish to repeat. Press medium-weight fusible interfacing (cut the same size as the Faux Hexagon unit) to the wrong side of the Faux Hexagon unit. 2. That was the inspiration for this quilt. Be sure the right sides of the quilt top and binding fabric are together. Reply Delete Mitered corners look great on quilts. Then, sew the cut pieces of your quilt top together with a sewing machine or by hand. After binding the quilt, I have a strong suspicion that at least two different people made the blocks for the quilt. Adjust the binding to the quilt edge - and continue with another hand's width. What I got from this is… print out hexagons on freezer paper, iron to fabric, which are cut into squares. I now need to add thefinishing touches by trimming and binding a quilt in general and the table runner. $3 I sure do love putting binding on a project, mostly because I love a good,  28 Oct 2013 Easily sttich up a large hexagon quilt for Halloween with free tutorial. From quilted bags to table runner quilt patterns, hexagon quilt shapes can help to finish any look. Fold your binding up and then back down to lay in line with the edge of the next side of the quilt. We got this pattern out of this book called “Jelly Roll Quilts” by Pam and Nicky Lintott. Leave around 6 inches and place a pin to hold in place. You don’t want your quilt to fall apart after all the love you put into it. That's to see if I still have the same fabric put together against eachother to make the one whole hexagon. Good luck. He did a wonderful job! I just need to get it tied and bound for him. From quilted placemat patterns with flashy rainbow hexies to easy free hexagon quilt block patterns, quilters of all levels will be able to find a wonderful hexagon pattern to create. It is hand pieced and hand quilted. 30 Mar 2015 After seeing someone post a half-hexagon quilt (which can be pieced in I need to put together a brief quilt top tutorial for the quilters of the internet. Reply Delete Head on over to todays video to see how exactly I put together this adorable mug rug or mini quilt. What you’ll need: hexagon template. Make continuous bias binding or cut individual bias strips with a rotary cutter. With hexagons all the rage lately in the quilting world, I have been interested in making a quilt incorporating them, but wasn't sure where to go with it. Gone from being a rather scrappy mess found abandoned around the house for the last few months, to the finished article. The Binding Tool makes a perfect ending every time. I sewed around the outside to secure the backing and top together. . Some quilts have put borders around the blocks, but this one has no border. I mean, make a few of those hexagons and sew them together and low and behold you have the start of a hexagon quilt, growing right before your eyes. I am almost done with the binding on my first hexagon quilt and have the material selected for the next one. Working on a Stack & Whack / Hexagon quilt. Patchwork Patterns Paper Piecing Patterns Quilt Block Patterns Hexagon Quilting Rainbow Quilt Quilt Binding How To Finish A Quilt Flower Quilts Quilt Border I made this English paper pieced hexagon quilt for my fifth-born child’s first birthday. I really like these instructions and so EASY to do! She explained very well and on what do and has pictures for you to follow withvery clever and great for Beginners. 4 Sep 2016 Simplifying a Hexagon Binding. FJ asked how I was doing certain parts so I will go through it step by step. That is name of my quilt. Watch Jenny demo this Here are my go-to calculations binding. Quilt As You Go Hexagon Tutorial This week a quilting friend showed me a fun little hexagon table topper that she made using a quilt as you go technique. I have never done binding that way thanks for sharing - I love your hexie quilt - I have put my hexie quilt away for a little bit while I finish one and work more on a couple other quilts. Hexie Mug Rug binding. onto the binding! I can't even believe the time and effort you've put into this quilt. Easy Hexagon Quilt: A simple shortcut! This hexagon quilt was really fun to put together! My binding of little quilty things is much better than my double binding on big quilts so I am putting all my best tips in a picture packed tutorial- you can take out some of the pics in the print friendly option at the bottom but I took plenty to make it as easy as I could! The pics show a coaster but I call it a mini quilt throughout for ease. Line up a strip of binding fabric along one edge of the quilt. Sashing are strips of fabric sewn between quilt blocks. Order Now: Christmas Tree Skirt Quilt Pattern by MSQC . 16 Aug 2018 Black/white stripe binding fabric, ¼ yard Referring to Figure 3, sew each of the colored hexagons to the black-and-white center hexagon in  1 Jul 2017 This week I have been fussy cutting hexagons for the new triangle then insert the needle in the quilt side right next to the binding, travel a  11 Apr 2014 Step 4 - Now apply the binding to the front of the quilt as usual. Slipstitch the folds for a tidy finish. 1930's Hexagon Quilt And there's nothing worse when we can't find our binding that's been put in that really safe place. scraps of fabric. Use your straight pins and pin the quilt binding all the way around the edge of the quilt. I used a 2. Complete Bias Binding directions can be found in the previous Bias Binding tutorial. How To: Hexagon Quilt Binding (Step Five) Using some pins, secure the binding in place so there isn't any puckering or bunching. Mitering is the process of folding the binding a certain way to make a neat, diagonal crease from the corner of the quilt outward. I completed 10 UFOs, made countless hexagon coasters, 13 drawstring jewelry bags, 5 jelly roll rugs, a project bag, a fabric notebook cover, and added 8 new UFOs to my list. ((Note--- as far back as I can remember, this project was started in the spring of 1999, when my Grandmother's health was failing. Once complete, it's time to put the two final binding strips on, but this time, first fold outwards the binding strips that are already attached to the quilt. The reason why I sew the binding first on the back: when I iron to make sure the binding is flat before it's folded over onto the top - the iron only needs to touch the edge of the minky, if at all. Now I have put them all in one file so they are easy to download and print. Traditional quilt-piecing shortcuts don't apply to hexagons. The workshops are filled with quilting tips for beginners. My hand sewing project ( Hexagon I Spy ( Eye Spy )) is progressing well. These hexagon quilts of bright pastel prints can be found in antique shops, flea markets and attics but very few new ones are made. Many quilters think the process is complicated. 00 The Binding Tool is a "must-have" tool for every quilter. Machine sew the binding as you usually would to the front of the quilt. I made a larger hexagon for a table topper as well. 12" square of " Insulbrite" 12" square of quilt batting 5" square for centre block 6 strips of cotton fabric, 2" x 4" 6 strips of cotton fabric 2" x 6" 4" piece of ribbon for a hanging loop sewing thread to match invisible thread for bobbin You simply baste your hexagon shape over the paper piece using a light line of glue. Hexing Around Block This 12. how to go from a finished quilt top to basting and binding on your own. This layout uses background triangles to set the hexagons without any Y seams, and to form a secondary shape of a star using a contrasting background fabric. Straightening the edges How To Finish A Shaped Quilt Edge Without Binding February 26, 2014 by Jodi 20 Comments I made this English paper pieced hexagon quilt for my fifth-born child’s first birthday. I also bound my mini quilt with a single fold binding, and I wanted to share a mini tutorial of that: I cut a 1 1/2″ strip of fabric and sew it flat, right sides together, to the front of my mini quilt, just like I’d sew regular binding. You can also use this method of finishing for hexagon quilts just as well. I made up 5 different sized card hexagon templates from size 1/2 inch up to 2 1/2 inches. Fold the binding to the back of the quilt, enclosing the raw edges. In today’s class we learn how to add the batting to a quilt, how to make the backing for a quilt and how to do the final binding for a quilt, to finish off our first quilt project. I trimmed the angles for my PB-Complete hexagon quilt. Adventures in hexagons, check! Verdictnot guilty, of falling in love with these. This gives me an extra "fence" to help keep my seam allowance even as I am wrestling with putting binding on a big unwieldy quilt. My friend and I spendt the first night at another hotel. You can find my read-to-print hexagon file here or use pre-cut 1″ hexies. It's easy to mix up the fabrics LOL When you have sewed all the rows you can start sewing the rows together. You may specify up to 5 borders. I love this quilt but never quite got the courage to try it. I did have to buy 1 yard of the light blue fabric to complete the last blocks. Haley Pierson-Cox from Red-Handled Scissors is a maker of crafts, a lover of cats, an avid swearing enthusiast, and a How to bind a quilt by machine or hand. A quilt with hexagonal pieces requires exacting and often tedious work. I want my binding to seem seamless. The custom quilting on this quilt was done by Emily of Emerson Quilting. It was a piece of cake. Hexie Quilt Process i love that you have put so much thought and love and time into this project! it is going to be absolutely perfect!! (1/2") hexagon quilt Hexagon Paper Pieces – Now, you can cut out your own paper pieces, but if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands (I didn’t), head over to PaperPieces. I designed and stitched this hexie pretty well over ten years ago. No stars in this border, but take a look at the entire quilt! Create a quilt sandwich using the marked placemat, a 20″ square of batting and a 20″ square of backing. I don't baste through the card and fabric, just the fabric and do a back stitch in each corner fold - that way I won't have to remove miles of basting thread later on - it will stay in the quilt - and the paper templates just pop out so I can reuse them. With the Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter, at out last quilt day, we put all of the pieces that were too small for anything else on the 2 1/2 inc strip die and then sewed all of those pieces together into a quilt top. As promised what follows is a step by step tutorial to show you the process of how I went about sewing my Pink Flamingo Hexagon Quilt by machine. The backing fabric is put wrong side up and the batting and upper layer matched neatly lie on 56 thoughts on “ Tips for Double Wedding Ring Quilt ” Sue L. How about a hexagonal quilt? Kati of From the Blue Chair demonstrates how you would bind a quilt with irregular corners like this in her easy to follow step by step tutorial. I date and title the back of each hexagon. At the corners, you fold the binding over itself. Fold the binding to the back and keep it in place with pins. I recommend laying the blocks out before sewing together to get a feel for how the quilt will go together and to ensure that you are pleased with the design. I did basic squares, strips, triangles, diamonds, and now a hexagon quilt. If it doesn’t make sense, please email me at yvettechilcott(at)yahoo(dot)ca and I’ll help. 6 Jun 2013 I mean, make a few of those hexagons and sew them together and low and behold you have the start of a hexagon quilt, growing right before  16 Oct 2018 Last week I decided I had put off the inevitable long enough and basted and I have finished the quilt with a Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric for the binding; Liberty Hexagon Quilt - A finished Quilt Top - September 2018. Start in front of the pin you just put in,With a 1/4" seam allowance and your walking foot, sew down a few stitches and reverse to secure . pin in place. Lay your binding strip on with the raw edge of your binding along the raw edge of your quilt top. Make enough to go all the way around your quilt. Enjoy your summer. Is the binding full of quilt, Is the binding sewn on straight and even. if you do the backing being brought forward over the top fabric to make binding, it makes mitered corners as you go along. Binding a quilt with the quilt back (Cluck Cluck Sew) […] Two Types of Quilt Binding | Life + One Degree - October 17, 2016 For those of you who want to know how to do this, a tutorial I came across that I found the most useful for a mitered finish was on Cluck Cluck Sew. I have seen this pattern in older quilts and it is a very pleasing. Now for the 60 degree Triangle block, using 6 triangles to form a hexagon. I am currently putting together a QAYG quilt, and boy, what a mess. In fact, a half hexagon shaped border facing would be lovely for a large grandmothers flower garden quilt as it would leave a nice straight edge to the back. More Antique Hexagon Quilts These are the rest of my photos from the antique hexagon exhibit at the Rotary in Paducah. Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company has done it again. Of course everyone has a different quilt in mind, it’s great to see how others interpret the pattern. When I baste them to the papers, I left side 6, the outer edge 1/4" un-basted. The “curves” of the quilt are noticeably deeper in some places than others. Jackie began quilting in 1993 and has since worked as a long armer, fabric and pattern designer, lecturer, instructor and shop owner. Many modern quilters are finding they like this old method and it is a good way to accurately put together a Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt. That way you are not trying to stitch your hexagons together through the dried glue. This tutorial shows how to piece on-point quilts block-to-block or with sashing. I’ll let you read that query for yourself on The Hexie Blog. Unfortunately, this quilt was one of the 30 that were stolen in 2005. This is a very labor intensive quilt pattern, usually pieced and quilted by hand. This quilt-as-you-go technique can be a great solution for quilters trying to complete large quilts on a small machine. Place Pellon Peltex Ultra-Firm Stabilizer (cut the same size as the Faux Hexagon unit) to the wrong side of the Faux Hexagon unit. I love hexagons, and this large Hexagon die was perfect for making a fun quilt top very quickly. I posted one of these foundations on my blog each week for a year. Shop Missouri Star Quilt Co. Thanks for share July 12, 2009 at 8:52:00 AM CST and had a question about binding a quilt like this. I'm loving this unit! I'm using my Lap App to hand sew and I love it! I did the machine tacking in thread that matched the quilt top’s colors. If your top and bottom (or left side, right side) measurements are different, choose the larger. You will need the following supplies for this project. Cut (and piece, if necessary) a strip of fabric 9 inches tall and the width of the finished quilt. He jokingly said he wanted to see if it was possible to take care of kids, quilt, and keep a clean house all at once. Sew straight. My goals for this year are: Use what I have, clean it up, make room. Break it down to these 5 steps get the results you want every time. Start at the top of the center hexagon and add strips in a clockwise direction. A hexagon mug rug frames this bird silhouette set against a soft cream background. 05 $8. Quiltbug. Now that it’s the end of the week and my hand stitching and machine quilting are all finished. We really love this book and we love the Friendship Braid, and while looking at this Binding Tool I realized that it is the perfect template to make a friendship braid. But, I might start again, but smaller using your method. I put the binding on it a couple of weeks ago and it's been out in my living room ever since (we'll ignore that I also have unbound quilts that live on the couch, too, until the spirit moves me to get my act together and finish them up). I'm making my way around this hexie flower - made a bit of progress yesterday. Trimming and binding a quilt and the table runner. I had about 1 1/2 yds of fabric - so split it down the middle sort of to get my 6 repeats. Watch Fearless Quilting Finishes (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) on The Best of Sewing With Nancy. Time outside takes precedence over time in my sewing studio, yet I do love to create and test out new techniques. If you love complicated lines and edges like I do, then you don't want to just trim everything  9 Aug 2016 Stitched entirely by machine, no additional hexagons or binding Find the tutorial here on Sew Fearless. Fold the excess toward inside, making sure the two edges meet into a nice intersection point (see the red arrow). I decided to make the largest quilt I could, armed with just ONE Hello Darling Jelly Roll by Thimble Blossoms for Moda and the MSQC 5″ Small Half Hexagon Template! I also used 1/2 yard for the binding. Hexagon project edges can be tricky to work with, I didn’t like the idea of squaring off the sides, as I’d lose the beauty if the zig zag edges, and binding all those corners wasn’t an option, so it took me some thought to devise my construction method. "Fus" is best for Fuse, Fusible, & Fusing. Trace around the inside and outside of the hexagon template and cut each one out. 6 Oct 2018 Binding 120 Degree Corners of Hexagons by Sewing Machine Using Fold binding to the front of the quilt and sew towards the corner. Assembling the potholder. These glue pens and refills are sold at most quilt shops. During this 30-minute show you’ll learn all sorts of quilt binding finishes. The hexagon header quilt This is the quilt that has drawn the most interest from my blog and I promised I would try and get the publishers of the magazine to fix the link for the correct templates. The raw edges of the binding should be facing towards of the outside of the quilt or lining up with the raw edge of the quilt. Hold quilt corner between thumb and fingers of right hand and stretch your arm out. Timeless Traditions, like the polka dot background My husband made this denim quilt all on his own one weekend while I was off to a quilting retreat. Don't feel bad, I cannot machine sew a binding, like you I have watched the videos and tried but no luck, out comes the ripper and so I always machine sew the binding on the front and hand stitch the back. When the binding is turned it gives a nice neat mitered  7 Dec 2011 This quilt measures 34 x44 finished. My Hexagon Medallion Quilt in English Paper Piecing. This is your quilt top. By cutting the Binding Fabric  6 Jun 2013 I have an easy method for binding an inside (inverted) corner to This is going to allow you to pull the edges of the quilt straight in steps 6 and 7. For the world map I needed 117 of them and made them on two or three following evenings in front of the TV. Then put the batting on top and the quilt top on top with right side up. This tutorial is all about the steps to bind a mini quilt, like one of my Mini Jaybird Quilts. This tutorial demonstrates how to finish your quilt that has irregular edges using a facing instead of binding. I called it machine quilting on a domestic machine my way! I like to whipstitch my binding/back-side hexagon (in blue) to the quilt top hexagons (in white) in two phases: (1) sew along all the blue & white hexagons with white thread, and (2) attach the blue hexagons to each other with blue thread. Heather put together a few kits so you can make one too. batting (I used some leftover warm and natural) binding, either store- bought or homemade Complete before binding is hand sewn to the back of the quilt. Quilt-as-you-go is ideal for machine appliquéd projects and this tutorial will walk you through this easy quilting method. If you need your quilt in a hurry or just can't wait to put your quilt to use, Moose Country Quilting will bind your quilt with fabric of your choice. I really like these Sew diamonds, curves, Dresdens, … This is the best way to finish a hexagon quilt and keep that wonderful edge! 6: Pin the Binding in Place Hexagon Patchwork, Hexagon Pattern, Hexagon Quilt. I love everything about this quilt -- the pattern, the colors, the amazing stitching, and the gorgeous prints (thanks for the wonderful close-ups). A little over four years ago, I met Stacey Day in a quilt design forum called Quilt Design a Day. For the  16 Mar 2017 Tidy up your sewing space with our brilliant quilted sewing organiser. What happens when you no longer love your binding method? What if it this really trusty I really liked this tutorial by badskirt on finishing your hexagon quilts , only my hexagon quilt is so large I needed to slightly adapt th. Thread – Good quality strong thread. Carol J. This quilt is very similar to my One Hour Triangle Quilt but instead of triangles it’s covered with hexagons! I love this large hexagon design in aqua! I also made a few other colors. As when cutting the binding width, lay down binding along the length of the quilt, placing it approximately through the center of the quilt. The outer line (outside the main design) is the 1/4" seam allowance which will be covered up by the binding or hidden by the fabric border or block next to it. You'll have a little triangle-shaped fold in the middle like shown here. The hexagons are kept whole, and so that presents an edge with angles. Each of the six sides of each hexagon requires precise sewing The instructions for binding the hexagon edges were easy to follow and produced an neat zig-zag binding. I made a quilt for my bed, and I made it long enough to have a pillow tuck but realized that if I put multiple borders at the top Personally, I prefer the look of hand binding, especially on the front of the quilt. If you love complicated lines and edges like I do, then you don’t want to just trim everything straight. Enjoy, whether you are in the Love Circle or not. For those of you who are just starting out on this fantastically self satisfying journey- I have put together a quick reference tutorial. I did everything else normal and simply had to adjust my angles on the corners. A lot of work went into the making of this quilt. Does this make sense? Let me know if you'd like a more detailed explanation. Also known as fold-over binding, a self-binding is made from excess backing fabric that’s trimmed to size and folded to the front side of the quilt to enclose the raw edges. I quilted along all seams in straight lines making a diamonds grid. I thought it was gorgeous, so I pinned it. Binding was made from scraps and hand sewn on. Reply Delete My AQS fabric dating books pegged the majority of the fabrics to be 1930’s-1940’s with a few from the 50-60’s perhaps. com Cross-Stitch, Quilt Binding, and Mystery Quilt I had a root canal on tooth 30 and a crown put on it. Bind your quilt using your preferred method. See how to strip-piece 60 degree quilt patterns like tumbling blocks and hexagons. In either case, results in a seam line, next to the binding, on the reverse side of the quilt. This quilt is extra cuddly because of the soft backing I used and eliminating a middle batting layer. I also took the time shortly thereafter to read the whole post and watch the hexagon making tutorial that she referenced. Sew on the borders. With right sides together, over sew the centre hexagon and another hexagon Turn the Fox fabric bag right sides out, pin the bias binding into a loop  How to Finish Your Hexagon Quilts ~ Nice tutorial on how to finish/"bind" Done the Hexagon Quilt Binding! How to Sew Hexagons With a Sewing Machine  Results 1 - 25 of 56 Sashed Half Hexagon Quilt It is a perfect mix between a friendship braid and Sew the strips together, alternating sides as shown to make an A braid. In the summer, I’m a lazy quilter. Binding - You will need to prepare about 300” of binding. 20, 2008. I just posted a photo of my grandmother's hexagon quilt a I finished it! I am satisfied. Then I tacked my liberty fabric onto my card, ensuring my stitches were only in my fabric, not through the card. Review this quilting instructional video to quilt a complex border finish. Here are 4 different ways to finish the edge of your hexagon quilts. 42 5-inch squares 2 yards of background 1/4 yard of cornerstones 1 1/2 yards Border 3/4 yard Finishing. --Note: The angles of the quilt shown in this tutorial are 120° angles. I hope that you enjoy my free quilt pattern This WIP is dear to my heart though: it's a 1" Grandmother's Garden and it's going to be a memory quilt! Yep! I make a hexagon flower for every special event, trip or whatever event I want to document. I think the method you have used will definitely allow for more durability, but I still think a double fold binding will allow for more durability. They should be about the same size if you're going to add bias binding to finish the edges. I found your blog on google while searching a tutorial that would explain how to make a binding for a 60 degree corner, I'm glad I found it because I'm making a centerpiece with 60 degree corners and I didn't know how to do this binding until now, thanks so much!!!!, when I upload my project on my blog, I'll leave a link to your tutorial. Sew the binding in place by hand, tucking in the corners to complete the miters as you go. Look at the black arrow, I want to make a hexagon quilt for my husband for XMAS. One of the main reasons that I wanted to attend the Paducah show was to see these antique hexagon quilts, and they did not disappoint. Others stitch on the flange just to the side of the seam where the two strips meet. 30 Nov 2012 First you will need to create your binding. Now self bind as shown on the video. I watched this video and it just makes a Floating Hexagon look so easy. Quilt Borders Sometimes we quilters add borders without really thinking about it, but not every quilt needs or should have a bor-der. I put hanging triangles on it too, as usual. An easy hexagon quilt for my Ruby girl. shopmartingale. Download Your Free Quilting With Hexagons eBook from The Quilting Company Now! If you’ve ever seen a hexagon quilt pattern, you know how beautiful this dynamic quilt shape can look in any finished quilt project. Finished!! Perfect and neat! and all those points are still showing nicely. I have NEVER sewn a quilt before so I would be crazy to tell you that this is the tried, true and only way to sew a quilt. and quilt as desired. But, usually I come out with more than I need (phew), and any extra goes into a box and gets used for bibs or binding on another quilt. Sew the binding to the back of the  Results 1 - 80 of 160 99 shipping · Laundry Basket Quilts ELDON Hexagon String . Strip-piecing is easy with Marci’s Qtools and Clearview triangle rulers. 5″ square log-cabin-style hexagon block is fun and easy to piece. There’s no need to put off making a skirt for the Christmas tree any longer. Many people, however, sew the binding down by stitching in the ditch between the flange and the binding fabrics. She used some specialty rulers to make hers and I was intrigued to see if I could make some of these little hexagons without the special templates. If you are cutting your own papers out, normal printer paper is fine. I made this quilt in 2002 and decided it was finished with NO borders; just binding in one of the two colors. When it comes to quilting, Jenny just makes it all look so easy. My next hexagon quilt was made with the intention of using some of my pastel vintage fabrics and laces that I have been collecting over the years. This mini quilt was a lot of fun to make. I'm not one for fussy work, or directions for that matter. I love how you've put yours on the white background, rather than cutting off any of those little petals. A Hex on Blog Time Sneaking Up on Me! backed and quilted her quilt with a knife-edge where no binding is visible from the top of the quilt. This appeared in Quilt Magazine in 2004. And sewed them together on the sewing machine. a hexagon quilt is Quilt as you go Hexagon Hot Mat Supplies: 15" square of a busy print for background fabric. Borders also dont have to be uniform. Easily sttich up a large hexagon quilt for Halloween with free tutorial. Matching Thread Calculates the binding length and the amount of fabric required to bind your quilt given the quilt's dimensions (width and length). A little special touch of quilting was done in the very center hexagon; interlocking petals for a flower in red thread. A Hexagon Stars Quilt Tutorial I had a nice lady named Amy contact me about a pattern for the hexagon stars quilt I have been working on. She wanted to know how and why this is done so I thought I would answer her question in today's post. My mom still has that quilt and I’ve always loved it, but it’s looking pretty raggedy after years of wrapping up kids with chicken pox or taking on family picnics. Bias binding - this is where the binding strips are cut on the bias. How to Add a Quilt Using a walking foot, quilt in straight lines going through the centers of the hexagons. Then I put Heat and Bond Lite on the back and ironed them down onto my white background. I usually leave my quilt back about 2 inches larger all the way around and then I can "wrap" it over the edges and either hand stitch or machine stitch it in place. You’ll love how easy this is to put together when you use a package of 5” squares, a little border fabric and pretty stripes for the binding! Finished size : 45″ x 45″ SKU PAT1285. I'm entering my Metro Lattice quilt into the Blogger's Quilt Festival in the Small Quilt Category. Hexagon piecing is super easy and fun! It's a great craft to do while hanging out on the couch, and it's extremely portable, so you can craft pretty much anywhere! :D. Firm with custom Spider Web Quilt-Along ~ Part 5 ~ Quilting, Binding & Finshing! Sew your binding to the front of your quilt, starting at one point,around using a 1/4" seam from Jun 24, 2019- Explore hondaquilt's board "Hexagon quilting", followed by 2023 people on Pinterest. I like the way the hexes are off set with this setting. Design a quilt for free with MyWebQuilter quilting calculators, quilt block patterns, quilt block coloring, one block quick quilt viewer and quilt design software. so a bias binding would I was asked to finish off a hexagon quilt top this way years ago, at that time, I used a strip of fabric and then sewed the top and backing, right sides together and turned the quilt right side out. fold, iron into shape, then whip stitch together… Begin at the top of one of the scallops and matching the raw edge of the binding with the marked line on the quilt, sew a 1/4" seam. This is so beautiful! I am working on a hexie baby quilt (I'm about 430 hexies away from finishing good thing she's not due until February!) and I wasn't sure what to do with the edges. I really love the colors I've seen in the pics so far! July 10, 2009 at 11:53 PM Art Quilter, Robbi Joy Eklow, shares her method for facing a quilt, a finish that gives the edges of a quilt a clean look without the frame of traditional quilt binding. The Binding Tool NOT032 3 $7. Shown here is just one layout idea from Bethany's book, Magic Stack-n-Whack® Quilts. for all your quilting needs! Wide selection of gorgeous quilt fabric, precuts, kits, patterns, notions, mail-in machine quilting & more! To make a patchwork quilt, start by gathering scraps of fabric from other sewing projects, old dresses, or baby clothes. I started it as a carry-along to take on my visit to Arizona from where I lived in Idaho ---and it has been a take Putting this quilt together is a little different than most quilts that I make. Bias binding is necessary to get a great finish around the 120° angles. You must keep it forever how to make a hexagon quilt these colors are awesome and would keep that vintage quilty feel while the patterns you use could help lift the design to a cleaner modern look. If you’ve never tried this method before, we’ll show you just how to sew binding on a quilt, with step-by-step projects and a starter placemat and coasters project to get you practising your new skills! Hexagon Quilt Tutorial First of all, I'd like to say that I didn't invent this technique - I was taught it by a friend in a group I belong to. The lines intersected in the middle of each hexagon. I fully intended to put a cute car fabric on the back, but it wasn't quite big enough. I’ve challenged myself to do a different pattern with each quilt. The back is a favorite is great! Using the leftovers and scraps I stitched up the back for a modern quilt finish. *Please note it is less durable and not recommended for quilts that will be used So how do you finish the edges of a hexagon quilt? There are loads of ways. Above you'll find all the links to previous binding posts. Each little hexagon component has 3 layers, shown in the photo. One day while exploring, I came across this machine stitched hexagon mini quilt. January 25, 2014 at 2:46 am. To print this hexagon quilt as you go tutorial, please click for the free pdf. I have some pieces already partially sew that were given to me some years ago. Learn How to Bind Hexagon Quilts in this super simple tutorial. It may even be the worst way to sew a quilt, but it worked for me and I love it. local rescues with the aim of reducing the number of animals put down each year in greater Los For some, I used pre-made binding from Japan. Hexagon quilts are so portable and don't take too much brain power to put together. It took me more time than I planed, but it worth. Stitch from the edge of this side, backstitching at the top. Kath left a comment and she wrote the following: I made enough hexies in my chosen border colour to go right round my quilt, but I adapt the shape with sides 4,5 and 6 forming a square. In the Spring when all of nature starts to bloom and the bees are busy doing there thing, is called the honey flow. The kit includes enought fabric (15 different prints from the backyard baby line) to make the top plus the orange binding. The quilt as you go technique (QAYG) simplifies quilting for beginners because it is an easy way to join quilted pieces by machine. Just love these Panels, they are so fun to quilt up 🙂 getting ready to start the quilting on my new Hexagon Pattern I was really excited once I worked out I could insert some pieced hexagons into the centres of my Ring Cycle quilt. It has pretty much put me off the whole method. take one "side" and fold the fabric over to meet the raw edge of the hexagon and over again covering the hex. Bind your quilt as desired and enjoy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for purchasing my Hexie Half Rulers. Often times quilters think they would have no way to use an overlocker/serger in their process, but it can make tidy and speedy work of the binding process. Next time I will draw a grid on the fabric to make placing them a bit easier! Then I simply quilted from each corner of the quilt. 3 Bind (See Binding a Quilt). Using a batik jelly roll, sewing strips together, then cutting using the 60 degree ruler these placemats were easily put together and will add some color to my white and brown kitchen. I also really like the points on the back to match up. We used a walking foot to quilt straight lines echoing the hexagon shape. Check out her website to see some of her amazing samples and great pricing. how to put binding on a hexagon quilt

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